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Wake Up Call

You wake up the other morning convinced that now nothing about our politics can surprise you.  And then you hear that the Republican Party has decided to dispense with a platform at this year’s convention.  The GOP “core values” have been eroding over the past several election cycles, but as of today the Grand Old Party has given up the pretense, at least at the national level, that they stand for a coherent, respectable set of political tenets.

Democrats this year have a legitimate platform they are running on, but they also struggled to get buy-in from the various wings of their party. Next time they, too, may go tribal.

If you, like so many others, wonder if we need a “course correction” in the trajectory of our politics, check out my booklet, Restoring the Consent of the Governed.  [Link, etc.] It describes how “We the People” can hold both Republicans and Democrats accountable to our core value: a Congress that serves the national interest.

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