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An Urgent Call

Your help is needed to fix our government because:

  • You believe our democracy is facing a crisis.

  • You believe that a major cause is the hyper-partisanship in Congress.

  • You wonder what could be accomplished if we took away from the members of Congress their ability to blame each other. 

  • You are an ahead-of-the-curve thought leader able to evaluate an innovative robust reform idea commensurate with the magnitude of the dysfunction.

What the Public Check on Congress would do:

  • Hold members of Congress collectively accountable for reaching bipartisan consensus in alignment with the national interest.

  • Dramatically shift influence away from moneyed special interests, fringe political factions, tribal party leaders, etc., in favor of the American public.

  • Strongly incentivize Congress to take longer-term considerations into account when they legislate.

  • Reduce toxic demonization and polarizing behaviors both within Congress and on the campaign trail.

  • Give members of Congress a new opportunity to earn our trust and respect.

Your next steps:

  • Read our brief PCC overview of The Public Check On Congress here.

  • Or download the complete ebook Restoring the Consent of the Governed available at no charge for a limited time here.

  • Consider the case for collective congressional accountability.

  • Evaluate the draft constitutional amendment presented in the e-book.

  • Share your thoughts on this site, with your friends and social media connections, and forward our official flyer to your representatives in Congress.

  • Shape our future; the Public Check on Congress is still in the concept stage.  You can make a difference.

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